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10 thoughts on “They Sold Our Country Out”
  1. Love you Micheal thank you for everything. God bless you and all in the world trying to make a better place for all mankind.

  2. Hello from Saginaw! “Making license plates till midnight! Good chuckle. Can’t wait for the .TV! Been watching since you started. Thanks Mike & all♡

  3. Outstanding to see you back, and with your new channel, Michael. It has been a little difficult to find everyone, after YT did a massive removal of the truther channels. In a bad chess move, they apparently underestimated us, in our resolve, and in our unwavering devotion to God, Family, and Country. WWG1WGA

  4. Slow but finally catching up with you Mike, been watching since y’all started as well. We Love the show and will try to keep up now. Temple Tx got Great pics from Patriots Fest and will bring you a copy next fest.
    Ramona Safarick
    Temple Tx

  5. Great info will this happen before electoral college meets. Seem like we are being suppressed with a lot of what is happening.

  6. Your graphics are amazing, your information so exciting and uplifting. The Krakan will definetly be visiting Judge Sullivan. Our Founders were so amazing, and though dead are still
    speaking and delivery Justice.
    I don’t have paypal so I couldn’t contribute but after January I will be able to express my
    thanks for all you do tangibly.
    Picturing DeBlasio on a short bed in a Gitmo cage is like an early Christmas present.
    I’m so glad I found you again they Parler.
    God bless

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