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10 thoughts on “Nothing Will Remain Hidden”
  1. Thank you for being here for all of us, Michael. I still have not found many of the channels that I was following, and I think we are all having to search through different platforms after YT removed most of our truther channels, taking down all the information in all their videos. Just wanted to let you know that I check for your very fine work everyday.

  2. Thank you Michael. You truly are a patriot and have our backs too. I and we depend on you for the truth and to keep us up to date on what is coming. I look forward every day for your videos

  3. It is difficult to express my gratitude to Michaand the team…. I FOUND YOU AT THE BEGINNING FROM FRIEND, how many people around the world know about this Trump led awakening. Three years ago we began a journey together. We can all remember the Executive order that was signed on December 21st 2017….traps are set
    THE DS COUPCABAL is SLOWLY BECOMING AWARE of the traps but not before they saw the floor drop #dontbetonbiden #dontbetonbiden # #dontbetonbiden
    NOW the loss of control has THE FEAR OF A JUST GOD freezing them with fear …THEN YOU SET IT TO MUSIC SO WE CAN DANCE TO IT ! Seventh letter inspired performances …where we go one we go all set to music for

  4. Hello there can you edit the word death from the tag in my post , very strange maybe keyboard logistics many thanks from someone following since the beginning do not post this, very grateful for all you do

  5. Michael, so thankful that we got you back online to present us with the truth and facts.
    May God be with you and keep you always informed to pass on his words to us.

  6. Great shows: England Patriots are watching. Information enlightenment. Scary when you see the darkness out there. Hopefully the light will shine bright till victory. No victory is unthinkable. I got this link sent to me yesterday by another patriot: ALL MUST WATCH IT, it’s shows data of a population cull for USA and U.K. and many more to reduce environmental impacts and save the globes resources. Patriots stay strong and believe

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