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9 thoughts on “It Is Always The Darkest Right Before The Light”
  1. OMG MICHAEL! I’ve missed you so much! I lost 8 chans I’d subscribed to in the purge. I’ve now found 5. (Not really good at navigating.) Anxious to get over to the other Patriots & chat.
    God Bless and Godspeed my friend

  2. Thanks for doing what you do dude .. I’m glad I found you… if it’s ok… I would like to screen record your videos or parts of them and post them on news channels in the comments of their posts… lots of people see them that would otherwise be in the dark .

  3. Bro. I love what you do. At the moment I sending all I can to help Trump. When this mess is over I will start here with you. God bless and God speed.

  4. Glad to have finaly found you. Have been watching Woodman, just about everyday, but when i first got into this i started with your show. Thats why your so special.

  5. WWG1WGA! God Bless you and thank you for the beautiful new website. Thank you for how you have blessed us all in how you keep us together as American Patriots! We may go through some bumpy times but we all need to pray for you who are keeping us informed and pray for our President Trump and The Alliance and that God is with us and blesses us all to Make Our America Great Again and thank God for sending a fighter to lead us through these times. God Bless President Trump and all of his family and all those in the Alliance and their families. Thank you for giving us a voice Michael! God Bless Us All!

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