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13 thoughts on “Land Of Confusion”
  1. Thank you Michael for keeping us updated and current with all the corruption that has happened and what is being done. Hard to be patient when we know President Trump has only the best interest of our country in his heart, soul, and mind. WWG1WGA!!!

  2. Wow! I found you😊I am ordering t shirts for my family for Christmas 🎄 The opposition has forgotten that our country was founded under God! So many brave people have fought and died to preserve freedom and rights in this nation. God has promised to protect His people with His spirit of protection. God wins! Trump wins!

  3. Thank God I finally found you. I miss you on youtube. No reason to even watch that platform anymore. Nobody I want to hear. Glad I thought of looking for you elsewhere. WWG1WGA Just Betty

  4. Keep it up brother! I have my doubts that this election will be overturned but I hope I am wrong. The cards are stacked against us at so many levels. God Bless you all!

  5. Happy to find your Podcast, found couple on Rumble,Grateful that POTUS is Removing the Corruption, it’s like the blackhole,cannot understand insubordinate Officials lying to Potus about troops in Syria,I say Americans need to know the full truth about the ugliness this country has endured by Illuminati, Cabal,The Organizations that steal from the American taxpayers,were not a pampered generation,thank you for keeping us informed, enjoy your podcasts

  6. U.K. is watching. Scary what’s going on in USA. I think it’s linked to this: the great reset and a population cull, note USA and U.K. population cull in link attached:
    Boris Johnson U.K. government buckling right now at the Biden ( PELOSI) election position. No Brexit will being the government down and riots will ensue. Only decent thing I’ve watched recently is your show was gutted when it went off YouTube now just got you back yesterday sent out the links to my circulation lists. Keep fighting the good fight. ✊

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