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13 thoughts on “E.O On Election Interference Is Clear”
  1. Excellent 🇺🇸 I have been thinking about this for the past week. I have been sick… so I have not been active. Twitter deleted.
    I’m praying for all Patriots…. patience is a rough fight in this situation. We will overcome & win! God wins! God family country. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸❤️ Trump!
    Thank you Patriot hour & friends.

  2. I don’t have any reservation whatsoever in laying my life on the line for President Trump.He has fought for us unrelentingly, and he has earned our loyalty many times over.

  3. So glad to hear you again my brother. We have missed you. Let us all pray this next week goes as we all expect it to. We are all behind President Donald Trump 100%. We are ready if he needs us. God Bless. God’s Speed. WWG1WGA We are Q. We are 17.

  4. I am old, I have lived a good life. I have 12 grandchildren. What matters to me, is that They have a chance to live in freedom. That, is why I became involved, and why I will never give up, or give in. It is Now or Never~ If we lose this battle, America will not still be standing in 4 years. There will never BE another election. IMHO. I am a peaceable person, not seeking to have trouble with anyone. My redline , is when they come to my house seeking to destroy my family … The talking is over ~.

  5. Thank you for all the honest info with in depth explanations and how they relate to the current situation and to each other. Sure makes me release a lot of anxiety. Am surprised at how many don’t realise what’s going on or even care when you try to explain it to them.

  6. i’m from Quebec /Canada and i can’t wait to see this little douche Trudeau get busted hope his ass get fried and hope he got some extra face diapers for his pants ! WWG1WGA

  7. I will gladly take up arms to back my president. If we let them steal this election not only will there NEVER be a real election again, but America and freedom will be lost forever.

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