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9 thoughts on “Bombshell’s Incoming”
  1. Another Awesome Show….The New HOMEBASE for ThePatriotHour…sites looking great Mike …Keep Up The good Work and thanks for all you do behind the scenes for the Patriots …You Are the Best

  2. I received my order yesterday and I am extremely happy! The lovely touch of the items being wrapped in tissue paper was the beginning! The T-shirts are amazing! The quality is outstanding, the sizes right on, and they are so very comfortable. Top quality all the way around!!
    I will be ordering more for sure. Also, I noticed that I have two accounts with you. One for the Patriot store and the other here at TV. I hope it is not confusing for you. Two different emails and passwords. Let me know if I should change anything.

    Thank you for all you do. The messages and videos are amazing. WWG1WGA

  3. It is difficult to stay hopeful with so much knowledge of what’s happening for so long and still no arrests like they are not eligible for prosecution of high crimes. I wait patiently still and will continue to have hope but the Hillary Clinton story of what her and Huma did to a young girl sticks in my brain and sizzles waiting for her punishment. Glory to God when she gets nailed for that. Great show and appreciate your hard work Michael!

  4. Justine Playdoh ermm Justin Trudeau is a Dictator and a terrible Primer Minister. Then again most people I know here in S.E. Canada near Toronto are wimpy and GOVT appeasers few question C-Vid anything .I have heard rumours Concentration type camps are being readied for people who question C-Vid or refuse testing or the coming vax. I pray to God I can escape Canada before then ,it’s been a awful life for me here no apologies, but that’s personal. I LOVE “The American way of life” and pray you can keep if when POTUST gets rightfully reinstated as your Commander In Chief!

  5. Sidney is amazing. The press conference was awesome. The reporters got their arses handed to them as well. God bless all patriots and prayer warriors. Thank you

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