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9 thoughts on “The Evil World We Live In Now”
  1. I never got into movies and I didn’t let my son watch scary movies .perfect example Chucky the movie .I have a my buddy doll from yrs ago still .it scares the crap out of my kids friends but not my kid cause he never seen the movie. My kid use to chase his friends with it lol they were terrified. I told my kid that’s why I don’t let u watch that stuff.

  2. The fact that they are covering their butts not restrained hands and their hands are bloodied tells an even more horrid tale. Have we gotten them? Will our Nation be restored? God tells me yes.

  3. @CrazyItalian321 what size Flag did you get I was on the post where you showed pics but can’t find it again?? Can’t get signed back in either!!
    Mike @patriothour what size Flag and Trump punisher skull is in the studio??? Trying to figure out which size to buy

    1. I have the 24 in Mike has the bigger one I think it’s 36 could be bigger they are on the patriot hour

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