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5 thoughts on “Truth Or Disinformation [You Decide]”
  1. New member trying to watch Truth or Disinformation live? Being blocked from viewing…is it because I’m using the free tier?

  2. I want to know how you figured it out Mike or how you already knew I see a person in the videos that you point to and not only you but some Twitter supposed to have been done by other Q followers or someone of high profile someone that has already been pointed out to us (ANONS) I have been studying eight post picture video every little detail just some profile pics on Twitter Same thing as the video of Sidney Powell (General Flynn Attorney) where there was questioning Powell and the supposed “clouds” in the background are what seems to be an eyebrow and an eye I have noticed and previously tagged @thepatriothour before the whole censoring thing and I stopped using Twitter other things that I did not sleep I did not think people were paying enough attention to it were looking solely at numbers questions to pose not looking enough into videos picture backgrounds who’s in the background you said it matter who is in the background I asked numbers matter in the picture so do the the people what do they have in common Q told us this anybody else picking up on this I’m trying to figure out who this guy is bald head he’s at George H.W.Bush’s funeral he was on the left side he’s also the one opening up the door of the van the black van? What is his relevance ? You seem almost assuredly no you can hear it in your voice you know what is about to happen and tell us what is already happening ?? I don’t know how but I love it and love being a part of this whole movement Love all you digital warriors out there . @Thepatriothour.TV I am going right now to begin giving monthly for what you have brought to us i am just in awe and it’s just so inspiring and American as it gets and I want to show my appreciation For what you have brought to us and done for us thank you Michael thank you Patriot Hour If not for you some of the stuff we would not know. While I cannot speak for everyone else I am definitely speaking for myself when I sincerely thank you to from bottom of my heart.

    Qpublican National Democracy

  3. Michael I want to thank you for all that u do for the patriots that follow u! I for 1 was very disturbed when the channel was scrubbed from YouTube. I pray the truth spreads like light cast all across this great nation we hold so dear. Wwg1wga keep up the good work my friend.

  4. why do you have trump at the wailing wall it is just a old roman fort wall and solomons temple is not under the alqsa mosque it is the satanist talmud jew world order not the new world order the pope they deposed was not with them he recognized a palestinian state it is state 194 of the united nations that is why he was driven out and new pope installed it is the evahgelical christians pompeo included that want isreal to build the new solomons temple and bring the antichrist to power so that jesus will come back this is nsane trump should not be getting dragged into this by kushner look for the red kabala bracelets ivanka even tucker carlson had one on his wrist the other day it is a sign of kabala read the talmud zohar this is not the old torah

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