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12 thoughts on “Military Tribunals For Traitors Nothing Less”
  1. Thank you Michael🙏 I’m logging on correctly now😂 Still learning how to get around and am as always enjoying your reports & documentaries of Inspirational News✨ I’m grateful to know I’m welcome here. In Love & Light🙏🙌☮🕉💚

  2. Thanks . for the info. I live in Georgia and I knew Kemp was rotten . Maybe we will get someone that will be better for our state . Maybe we can get Collins to run if he is straight up and not a back stabber .Keep us in your prayers . We all know President Trump will win and he is forever in our prayers . Take care .

    1. Sidney Powell has a great book out there called “The Fix”,its about our Corrupted Judicial System, she says it’s not to late to restore integrity, She’s about working for “We the People” so I feel she’s not influenced by elected officials,its for Our Constitution ,I believe she Carrie’s more Authority than our AG and she well restore America,I’m glad she’s on our side

  3. The only way forward in this mess is THE MILITARY. You don’t get to commit TREASON and simply walk away. ALL of their LIVES need to be forfeited and it needs to be public. If we still have the rule of law, then this has to happen for the sake of Justice and for future deterrents. If we do NOT HAVE the rule of law any longer, than a coordinated, armed uprising needs to happen as a last resort. They do not get to STEAL THIS ELECTION for free.

  4. Im happy I finally found you, Mike ever since you were banned from YouTube i lost touch with your channel, now I know where to find your videos, God bless you and your family

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