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4 thoughts on “18 U.S. Code 242 Can Result In Death Penalty”
  1. I love watching how your channel has grown over the years. Best content out there Patriots. Thanks @ThePatriotHour for all you have done. Gods digital warriors! Dark to light. Wwg1wga!

  2. Great show I would not charge my tenants rent if that happens . I even told them if they cant pay the rent for a while that’s fine but they can. My state is strict with landlords anyway. And I seen the BLM sign out front that says no yard ,cancel rent and no police they took it down this was in march.code enforcement is strict with landlords here.

  3. Im different names on here lol but I’m not gonna change it I got it working I’m crazy Italian ileen millette lol sorry I’ll get it right soon .

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