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7 thoughts on “GSA Letter And Biden’s Conflicts Of Interest [Must Declare]”
  1. I was just watching the new video when u went live I was watching the news clips after too the balloon and tunnels and fires seem odd I looked into the balloon company and explosions almost seem connected I could be wrong . But I’m digging lol lot of fires around here unexplained

  2. Its seems a little green new deal sceamish but I could be wrong lol with antifa everywhere I dont trust anything. Infeltraders everywhere.

  3. I am seeing the cover of Time magazine with Joe Biden 46th president of the United states , such media garbage and a true coux cabal collectors item we know the president will prevail in the name of all that is good. Melania will continue to be the brightest and most beautiful First l
    LADY IN United States history

  4. I love those scripture quotes. I always upload your posts to Facecrook and Twitter. We are the news. We spread the word of our leaders to our patriots. We spread the Word of our Lord. We give Faith, Hope, and Truth. I pray for you, our leaders, families and country. WWG1WGA

  5. Kia ora Michael,
    Greetings from New Zealand, Hi Michael, thanks for the great videos, awesome job, I enjoy watching and listening to your video’s. Is there a way of downloading your vids? I am trying to wake my friends and family, but its a up hill battle, I like to write your vids to DVD and share them with those who are looking for the truth. I’d appreciate it if I could download the vids I like, just like when they were on Youtube. I’m also glad I found you, bless you Michael, thank you for your consideration, Ngaa mihi.
    (I’m NZ Maori, hence the Maori greetings, Kia ora = hello! cheers! good luck! best wishes!. and Ngaa mihi = acknowledgements)

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