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11 thoughts on “D5 [Dark 2 Light]”
  1. Awesome graphics and music! Thank you for keeping me calm and sane! I look forward to all of the darkness coming to light so this nation can heal together! Happy birthday Michael!

  2. Big Trump Rally next Saturday Dec. 5, 2020, meeting up in Gonzalez TX at 10 AM, Patriots from All over TEXAS and the Country. Come and join the Trump Rally.

  3. I love the prince of darkness. Until Rudy (I am from Queens NY ) put it so eloquently i didn’t even think about how he exploited his son. Evil f…s! I love all your work . When I feel My mind heading into the dark I find your videos for inspiration

  4. Happy Birthday Michael! Thanks for your time in this crazy world. Thanks. Love your Videos!!!!!! Go have some fun.♡

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