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10 thoughts on “We The People Have Had Enough”
  1. From downunder, found ya! search engines stuffed! all my android devices compromised! old win7 pc fine lol. Microsoft keeps telling me it is unsecure, ya maybe for them.Lucky MS do crappy software ( election software lol) and not build jets.

  2. bullshit and again bullshit you are being played the deep state is behind this fraud it neither china or others remember iraq same people same liars powell said she dosent know who has the servers good or bad. they she is being fed misinformation no one is gong to take on the real problem too dangerous the usa is owned all your agencies trump should have fired g haspell this plan to blame other countriies has been hatched a while back same war mongers WHO BENEFITS LIBYA SYRIA you have become to complaicent just to mention Budasim i a philossophy how to live your life There iss no GOD IN BHUDASIM K HARRIS family owned slaves he i a practicing pagan hindu they practice the darker your skin the more slave class you are she is not a us citizen ,

  3. Dark to light . Good over evil. Be patient and the Lord will get us through this. Next video Dont Stop believin….

  4. Well recent video posts have certainly got the mind boggling this side of the pond. The popcorn 🍿 is on hold for the movie πŸŽ₯. Zero entertainment this side of the pond it’s all one way from your end, even the enthusiasm for leaving the Brussels swamp with BREXIT as disappeared. COVID19 is the talking point and that’s become very tedious now; so relying on the fireworks to come from the USA. Be a good laugh seeing the deep state actors being marched into GITMO 😈. The dept from COVID19 should be sought as reparations from China and all dept they own MUST BE CANCELLED or we face Armageddon for decades; the U.K. economy has been smashed.

  5. Great video Patriot hour thank you I trust you you haven’t steered me wrong yet. Keep up the great are the best.πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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