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15 thoughts on “Trump Insurrection Act”
    1. I know we’ve been preparing for 6-8 months. We are a go at our house. Thot about bugging out, but the boys in the house weren’t taking me seriously so I prepped to shelter in place. Ammo, food, water… ciggerettes 🙂

  1. This is our last stand against the NWO globalist. This is our soveriegn country & we will not let them steal it. Because of the great awakening we are no longer deceived. If blood must be shed to keep our precious constitutional republic. I am ready to give my life for our country. May God be with us.🇺🇸

  2. Twitter gave me a strike, can’t post for 5 more days. Michael tweeted something about Biden conceding but wanting a pardon from Trump. Anybody have any proof to back that up?

  3. not being able to click a thumbs-up is kind of odd-feeling for me … strange ..
    You should have a thumbs-up counter button – not the down, just the up ;p

  4. God has this country and God has Trump! WE are in the middle of a battle of good and evil. Thank you Lord for raising up Trump to take on this deep state, here and around the world. I stand with GOD and I stand with TRUMP, even if it means going into battle. God Bless Trump, his family, his legal team, all witnesses and ALL of us who stand with Trump. Amen!

  5. 10 months ago my life changed. I think everyone’s did but not everyone’s perception of what’s TRULY going on. If your here then you know or starting to know the straight up evil that has been puppeteering EVERY single type of “leader” that we look up to, look to for answers, trust, influence us and our children. They poison our food and our minds. I fully support the insurrection act. Just know the evil will still exist. We must teach our kids to spot it and fight it most importantly never give in to it. Be safe and be prepared wwg1wga

  6. I don’t see an alternative. The only way out is thru. These ppl are sick. I hope they are the 1st ones that go to Mars. It would b Amazing Grace. ♡

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