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16 thoughts on “Military Is The Only Way Forward——–>”
  1. It took me over a month to find your alternate freq. My Iraq bride missed you guys. Chaldean Christians in Detroit all voted for Our President.

  2. The Best Show ,The Best Hosts,The Best Vets,The Best Mods ,The Best Patriots,The Best GEAR,The Best Music,The Best Vidoes @ThePatriotHour

  3. Thank you for keeping us strong & aware. Without safety in numbers, I wouldn’t be able to handle the evil perpetrated by the NWO/globalist & Satan. WWG1WGA πŸ˜‡πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. Today you made me cry. I vividly recalled the day I saw my Marine off to Nam. & thought of the decades of harmed innocents from then to now. Our kids– ok Grands & Great-grands, lol– We have only the illusion of choice. . . NOW, I need a favor, can u find me that one specific video that defines the the ‘Full Armour of God” again. I’ll need to hone my intuition, on Earth as it is in Heaven. IK it got me here but I’m gonna need that piece of symbolic armor for Mantra purposes. For the Holy Spirit. LOL that way “a common woman’s head is as common as a common loaf of bread —- & will rise”. I’ll line my purpose up with Heavenly Father’s. This will b all for our kids, for the kids. Now don’t forget, plz, Friend. You know right where that explanatory vid is that I, we , will b needing. Am pretty sure its in the first 3-6 months lol of your prolific-ousness. The wrong shppls have such a stronghold in MI with Miss Whitless & her sidehow of an AG. Did u see where the AG threatened a Vote Watcher with legal probs. I’ll cite that for you as I re-find it. That AG. Thanks for the help (Good ole Archived Mike!)β™‘

  5. I hope all the patriots are correct in that they are not corrupt. I know that for the most part the boots on the ground are good, decent soldiers, sailors and airmen, but the rest of the government has been corrupted there are corrupt leaders in the top ranks. Plus, how many in the military know what’s truly going on? They watch the same corrupt mainstream media as the uninformed. I just hope they go into the storm with all their shit in one sock.

  6. Thanks again for the insight, When you tell people what’s going on they reply ” So what ,,I can’t do anything about it”. My reply is ” You can’t stop hurricane either BUT you can prepare for it!!!!”
    Knowing is knowledge …doing something about it ….IS WISDOM…
    WWG1WGA God Bless Mr Trump…

  7. Thanks Mike, your a true patriot! Just tonight on local news they were saying President Trump is still fighting a baseless claim of voter fraud! Exact words! πŸ™πŸ» For our country!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ God Bless.

  8. we are in the illusion matrix we have been for 100 years or more….quit watching the boob tube…talk to others….they are keeping us from knowing the truth by lack of communication ie,, keeping us boxed up at home, working from home not being able to go out in some areas to mingle , talk etc, controlling the media we watch its all in the numbers how they control us,,,,but once you wake up and you see the truth you won’t get brainwashed again! WATCH:

  9. Can anyone tel me where Michael’s video, “The MAGA Movie Fully Explained, 5:5” can be found? I’ve been Jonesing to watch it again ever since Youtube removed it …

  10. Ok Michael, I have watched you a minute. This is one of the most compelling videos I have ever seen. I laughed, I cried, I was astonished….and above it all, my 7 yr old is sitting here watching, and me trying with everything in me to convince him people are good, but they can be bad as well. We have participated in MANY TRUMP trains in our area over the summer, and he has been on every one of them. He is 7, he does not understand any of this other than what Mom and Dad tells him, but he believes in us as his parents, and when he sees a picture of Donald Trump, he knows this is a good man. I would even dare say, my son will remember Trump in his older years as the only man who stood up for us, the American People. I had to quit work to take my kids through school, and we are hurting for money, but when his online teacher insists they stand and cross their hearts and say the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, I stand with him and say it as well. I do know TRUMP will win this election, and if I can say so, many more after this, as I believe he will not leave until the Constitution is brought back. Kudos for DJT, Kudos for the Patriots standing up, not only for us but for those coming up behind us. WWG1WGA

  11. Glad I found you, desperately needed to hear possible roadmaps forward as I can see 50 steps ahead, what the enemy is doing. But sometimes during all of this overwhelming madness it is hard to see the path that good patriotic people need to take to move forward into a better day where we can all live free from tyranny and the corruption that runs rampant in our societies and the world in which we live!.

    I may be a Canadian, but i know how important this President has been, and is, for the future of the west and the good of the world as a whole!
    I will continue to believe in the plan and support president Trump as he fights daily against what seems an unstoppable force.

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