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19 thoughts on “China owns DOMINION, and The Officials Who Run Machines”
  1. Thank you @patriothour. 😀 I’m just wondering what china doesn’t own. They are not gonna get away with this. My brother seems to think everything is fine and said he will bow down to Bernie just to piss me off cause he only cares about money it’s a shame but oh well I’m still going and I’mnot gonna stop no matter how many times I get knocked down.what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. We will fight for President Trump and our country. WWG1WGA

  2. I absolutely look forward to your shows. Actually I go jogging and try to catch it live and being former US NAVY I love the military tributes…!

    Dr Sean

  3. dominion was founded in canada 2003 was then bought by a new york private equity frm staple st capitol staple owns 75 percent 12 percent by private canadan citizen plus others own 5percent each you can research this just found this information

  4. Hey Michael!
    Here is that video of Senator Elena Parent in the hearing in GA screaming there is no evidence demanding to see the video evidence. You can hear her scream “DOH!” when she sees HERSELF on the video stuffing ballots! Ooops! CLASSIC!

    1. WOWOWOWOWOOW…she sure got “shook up” seeing HERSELF….GOOD, wonder if she should start ordering linens and specific toilet papers for her CELL at GITMO!

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