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6 thoughts on “MAGA [Many Are Getting Arrested]”
  1. Par Excellent Channel-News-Information>>”Be in the know”!!! Check in everyday—,☆☆☆Mega Appreciation to you Michael…

  2. Once again you are a lighthouse in this storm, I have been sharing your videos lately on my fakebook here in Ontario Canada , OMG the haters are coming out of the woodwork…
    .Friends for year calling me crazy and in a frenzy accusing someone of hacking my account.
    It seems the time was right to shine the light and separate the wheat from the chaff. Many cannot get past my unwavering support for President Trump Q and Q+ …Many are in shock and calling me all sorts yet in the mix my good friends who know the truth are stepping up and joining me. The ones who have my back are the real friends , the ones attacking me never were. . They say I have nailed the truth in my introduction to your station..
    .It is an honor to be among the brave digital soldiers over the past three years…
    Hold on to your hat everyone we are code red , the show is about to get serious in a hurry. TAKE CARE and send extra love to Melania and Donald, their friends and family all the people in the trenches.. Thank God for Mike and the team at the Patriot Hour

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