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15 thoughts on “The Betrayal Is Now Completed [Insurrection Act]”
  1. Patriots this side of the pond are gutted for trump and USA, and you Micheal you looked down on your last video. Stay strong stay smart, stay well and stay safe, the dominoes are tumbling and I think we are the third or second domino to fall if trump falls. ✊

    1. Everyone we KNOW he WON
      have no doubt
      All the illegal was witnessed
      trap was set
      Team Beijing Joe
      now see they are sitting inside the mousetrap and there is no cheese
      just an orange man
      ready to let it snap…
      Trust it is all always perfect timing when God and the Universe is working with you.
      Have faith global patriots,
      the show is about to get real interesting.
      timing is everything….

  2. Getting Real Michael. May God have mercy on those going to a Military Tribunal. Lord knows we won’t. Treason at a time of war. We will triumph above this with God through Jesus Christ. God bless Pres. Trump, his family, digital warriors, Trumps legal team, patriots, military, and our country. WWG1WGA

  3. It’s time. Thank you for all your hard work over the years giving us the right information. I haven’t watched any main stream news .Just you and a couple others that you recommended .I didn’t even look at gateway pundit they good but I already knew this was gonna happen.😉👍💪thank you

  4. Been with you and crew for 2 years now. Watching you metamorphose. So proud to be one of the family. Thank you. Dark to light. God bless. God speed. WWG1WGA

  5. God bless you Michael and your bravery and your honesty and respect for the Country I just wanted to thank you sir. so glad I found this channel God bless you in the name of JESUS CHRIST brother

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