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13 thoughts on “Clear Path To Military Tribunals”
  1. May God bless America with the spirit of truth, to hold the torch of light, to show the nations the way of salvation through the darkest night. Let America cast off the cloak of evil that dims her torch of freedom from the sinister forces of darkness of this world. Lift up the ancient gates, that the King of Glory may come in. Who is the king of glory? The Lord mighty in battle.

  2. Michael ,been sharing your new platform with everyone ,,we have to stay in the fight ,,some of the others i followed on you tube ,cannot find , example (STROPPY ME ) FROM DOWN UNDER, Rick from TRU report….not all have gone to Rumble ,or Parler. Would love to see you link up on a chat with (X22 AND LT FROM AWK ) and we know ..would be a great show is the time for carpet bombs..WWG1WGA send this message world wide so they to know ,we will win ,GOD wins.

        1. Yes, and the dates are incorrect, you think you’re watching the latest one yet the real date is 10 days prior from the upload date. Why can’t they be taken down?

    1. So grateful to have found you because I love listening to you Michael and I pray for truth and darkness to be exposed for the evil to be vanquished from our world. Peace and light brothers. WWG1WGA !

  3. Beautifully done. Maybe next year God willing, we will be able to come to Patriot fest and say Hello to the family . California is an awful place to live these days and getting worse. Maybe the housing prospects will be better after all these treasonous sobs are dealt with. Should be homes for sale or let by the plenty!! God bless. Be well be safe. WWG1WGA

  4. Some months ago, you responded to my request for access to info advising the proper channels to contact the Military Tribunals regarding 911 testimonies. You referenced the defense council for an Arab defendant to the attacks on the WTC which WAS relevant per my request, but given the obvious innocence of this fellow, I am wary of the defense council. Could you provide the telephone number for the office of the Military Tribunals?

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