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— ThePatriotHour ThePatriothour Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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8 thoughts on “Trump To Invoke [Insurrection Act]”
  1. Michael, I cannot thank you and your Team enough for all that you do. Good bless each and everyone of you. WWG1WGA, MAGA

  2. Available for a LIMITED Time ONLY: Trumpz Lager Stout AVAILABLE in BOTH Foreign & Domestic Versions..Get STOUT It’s what it’s ALL about!!@@

  3. Something happened to your video. It doesn’t allow me to expand to full-screen or click on the Rumble icon. This is different from previous videos. I like looking at these full screen, so please fix that.

  4. Thank you for keeping us informed! You are pretty cool. I love your videos and you’ve definitely gotten to a professional level! Keep it up and Lord, please be with our president

  5. Everybody hold on tight and keep your armor on , and pray for our president and his whole team… Their necks are on the line for all of us..ALL LIVES MATTER(accept for the swamp scum that end up in gitmo..:)

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