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5 thoughts on “Cyber Pearl Harbor The Struck”
  1. Michael, Thank you and all patriots for what you have revealed to us. It is a shame I can’t get anyone but a few to listen to all I have learned on the patriot hour because of your hard work. We will get through this together. I have some veteran friends and I have my tea party friends but so many don’t know and are not ready for what is about to come. I will try to help others and stay safe through it all. I will see you in Bristol, at the Legion next year. Todd

  2. Hi Michael, I lost you for a while when your u pipe went down … what was the strike for ? Any how i found you again ! I like many others here in England are watching and praying for all the Patriots over there with you … cause if America goes down i think England and the Uk will go with it !! So America First ! WWGOWGA

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