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9 thoughts on “We The People [Back Channel Of Information Operation]”
  1. THIS is the ULTIMATE Story that’s explained BRILLANTLY in Laymen Terms…. IF this can’t make sense to those NOT AWOKE I don’t know what would…. I’m a Viet Nam Vet(Class of 1971) Myself & wanted to say “TankQ” for ALL you’ve done educate the Masses…. Lastly Brigadier “LYNK” is READY for the “MOABS” to pound the pavement….. Must be a “Cuban” rolled Cigar Brigadier “Q” has!!

  2. Watching, waiting. Stay safe Micheal
    Hopefully trump pulls the free world outta the mire. If USA goes down the rest of the dominoes will follow. China is very dangerous and it’s got scores to settle from the opium wars with the British & French, it’s got no ethics or moral code but to take the west down

  3. God bless you all Patriots. @thepatriothour thank you for your service. Justice for the innocent children of the world. Gods children. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all. It has been a pleasure being a part of this great awakening with you all. Greatest group of Patriots in the world right here. Nothing but truth. Dark to light. Nothing can stop what is coming. God has won the battle we must only hold the line. Never back down. Wwg1wga

  4. I’ll agree I have no say about what God does, but I do as far as being an American. What they do with it is on them, not me!

  5. Trump disclaimer on use of martial law ??? Are arrests coming? Will insurrection act be implemented? Is this all B/S what’s up???

    I heard someone say on another channel “we will be shocked when we see all the ‘players’ involved in this”. I am saying….”I will not be shocked of anyone who is named as so very many are ridiculously addicted to money, and, unfortunately, preying on those who cannot get ‘away’. It is sad what one human being can do to another. GOD will be their judge ultimately, but we do have a responsibility, a GOD given right, to take care of the wrongs in this world as HE gave us dominion over the Earth. “Judge righteously, for as you judge, you shall be judged”. All of us have a choice to do good, or to do bad, there is no in between…no middle ground…you cannot ‘hang’ out on the fence and see which way the ‘tide’ is flowing. Don’t scream Defund the Police and in the next instant scream for the police to help you. Don’t be mad at a politician that you voted for is not doing what you voted for in the first place. Check out each person you voted for and see what their history is. If they are not doing what you expected, vote for someone else….it’s real easy. And if we had been doing this all along, we would NOT be in the position we are now in. As Q says over and over, Think Logically.

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