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12 thoughts on “A Lie Has Many Variations [Truth Does Not]”
  1. Thank you patriot hour. We are fighting for our future and our kids when we are not here. They just laid my son off but luckily he’s got money saved and he is smart . The deep state thinks they are gonna control us and our kids. Not happening we are too smart for them .thank you for everything do and all the patriot hour family.

  2. Michael,
    The video “A lie has many varations (Truth does not ) is OUTSTANDING! I really appreciate your work. You were called to do this for the American People. Thank You for showing us the Truth.

  3. THERE YOU GO AGAIN! Hot Dizzamn!
    Reading W.C.’s “Behold A Pale Horse” to the masses, and one of MY favorite parts of the book: the Beginning AFTER the scripture! Thanks! Keep pressing on!
    Love YOU dearly, and miss YOU on YT!
    πŸ’― πŸ’ͺ#Thx4UrSvc AGAIN , MICHAEL!

  4. Hi Michael, you are my favorite anon, keep up the great work your doing! I appreciate all you have done to get the message out to us! And ThankYou for your service!

  5. Hi Michael,

    I am trying to contact you guys through various places. I am trying to avoid open forums at the moment. Can you please contact me for information on the breakthrough software we have created that could help patriots.


  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS MIKE TO YOU, THE FAMILY AND ALL PATRIOTS.. Thank you for all your work and videos. its so appreciated. By the Grace of God, we will win this and get our Country back!

  7. Happy New Year!! Michael, enjoy DC with our POTUS,I will be there in spirit, my obligation is to school bus driving,its been filled with diverse challeges,kids really miss school,friends, the routine,love your videos, it keep ones heart inspired

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