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18 thoughts on “8k Troops Deployed To D.C. Swamp Area”
  1. It is an incredible time to alive at this time many thanks to everyone for having faith that the truth would set the people free it is truly biblical

      1. Well I would love to believe such things but here it is the 12th and NOTHING. Nothing will happen it seems. God I wanted to believe so bad. We are beyond screwed.

    1. i was listening to someone from nz 2 weeks ago who used to be in military saying he is concerned ships ordered out of nz 15th jan he said he just found out that queen no longer head nz is a corp like the us /columbia he said the switch happened in 1987 is this true

  2. This is what the deepest of American Resolve, Patriotism, and real Leadership looks like. If JFK , Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and other American Statesmen were alive today, witnessing this, I think we could only imagine how proud they would be of our extraordinary President Donald J. Trump, our First Family, our Alliance Teams, our Military Intelligence, our Spec Ops units in all branches, our loyal Military Branches, and all of our many other devoted American’s who have had everything to do with taking back our Country, from so much evil everywhere. We are witnessing what most would have thought was impossible to even carry out, as so far entrenched as this evil had been. This is what the Greatest Military Intelligence Operation in all of US History looks like. This is definitely for the History Books. As President Trump said on 06 January 2021, “Remember this Day”. We will remember this day. And, would JFK, Jr. have said, “Dad, we got this”. I think so. WWG1WGA For God, and Country.

    1. And, among our Military Commanders, we have “The People’s General”, General Mike Flynn, a truly remarkable Navy Admiral, Admiral Mike Rogers, and a number of other Military Leaders who made this all possible from the very beginning, and many devoted people at all levels in our Intelligence Agencies and Services. God is on our teams too. We will succeed.

  3. yes great peace deal netanyahou said he isnt taking any notice he is still going ahead with building settlements the arab emirates has always been suspect isreal demanded us not give uae weapons and that isreal must give the go ahead before any us arms deals us does

  4. I have been an activist since tax day April 2009 after attending a tea party rally. I was moved to tear listening to older veterans talking about how they were sad to see our country under Obama and all of the changes he was making. I was woke when Bill Clinton was President but did not act and I am sorry about that. So I started as a tea party founder and had a bumpy ride and even served four years on our local school board with the hope I could get through to some locals because it is a small town I live in. They thought I was a trouble maker. They attacked my children to the point I had to get Liberty Council to threaten them with a law suit so a teacher would apologize to my daughter for calling her tea party in front of the class and he continued to make fun of her to other classes. My middle child didn’t have as much problem because they brainwashed her to the point I would get in fights with her but never gave up on her and didn’t get through to her until Trump got elected and my own sister waved a knife at my mom because my mom voted Trump. I flipped on the both of them but my daughter has become woke and my sister still is not my friend. Too bad. The patriot hour has given me new hope so I followed them regularly and Michael is super intelligent and calm and dedicated and his friends are all super as well. Good people. I am so happy and relieved we had a president with balls and intelligence to take them down. We are so blessed. I will keep praying for the plan to go smoothly and we don’t lose a troop or any more great patriots. Thank you to everyone that listened and followed Michael. I must admit I got mad a few times at things Michael said and he was always right and I was always wrong when I was in disagreement so sorry Michael. I look forward to shaking hands and giving hugs to my Patriot family. We all had a part in this in some way so be proud and preserve your Trump flags and Gadsden Flags and Trump coins and hats to hand down as you would hand down the family bible to your children. Do not let them forget the price paid for their freedom. We may have not lost a limb or our life but what we have been through something as you can tell from my story or gave something out of our pockets and I know I’m not the only one that never surrendered and never gave up because we are all great Patriots. Todd

  5. Thank you again for the information . God bless all be safe be strong and bring the Glory to God. Love to all you are amazing.

    1. Awesome video Mike, glad I found you again. Thanks to Charlie Ward and one of the comments led me here. God bless you patriot!

  6. Michael my name is Carley I am a patriot . You have been a wonderful source of truth for me . You have shown me the truth the way I needed. Therefore spreading and awakening my friends and their friends. You are a true digital soldier and patriot. Thank you for putting so much into these videos making the truth easier to watch

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