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2 thoughts on “It’s About To Go Down”
  1. a lot of the clips are wrong taliban got rid of heroin they hate it american troops are now used to protect the heroin in afghanistan hezbollah were not guilty for the killing of hariri wake up again look at greenblat and the ADL aipac who do you think has the real power in USA unit8200 stutnex was an isreali operation domioion general keane ex cia look how cheyney bush mcains daughter all
    ran to biden they dont want end to war on terror 9/11 truth you need to read noahide laws court of mankind in isreal the antichrist apence swapped from catholic to born again christian they support the antichrist coming the scofield bible was wrtten by followers of alister crowley the jews were warned about baal worship time of jesus this is still happening kabala satanists run this world

  2. Thank you Micheal for all your hardwork,great video,One thing I’ve never understood is why people who run for elected offices ,should be subjected to extensive background checks,anyone that works in government should be required,they do for employment in education,Boeing,etc,looking forward to the 20th🇺🇸

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