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11 thoughts on “The DR Charlie Ward Show EP 1”
  1. Great interview Michael! I am suggesting it to friends. It explains so much. People ask me things and I tell them and they say stop watching that crap. Ha,ha,ha. They will find out soon but I just try to relay the truth and they don’t want to except it. Loved the midnight riders comment. I was smiling big time. Thank you brother! Todd

  2. Just amazing and of course perfect timing
    Thank god for the patriot hour all these years and the q team behind this incredible movement and this President I keep sharing on my social media holding a mirrored shield for the slings and arrows , the mirror to help people see and lots of forgiveness The digital soldiers helping us to have faith this is God’s will and timing.. an amazing time to be alive…

  3. Just about to watch this one! Seen you at the capitol and got to see a few of you on parler but looking your site up on line they have made very difficult! So good to hear your voice again with words of truth! Thank you for the last few years Michael, looking forward to seeing you daily again now!!

  4. This is awesome Mike love your show, a little about me i am a graphic artist sign painter billboards ,paint anything build and weld
    anything woodwork building ,grew up on a farm, beyond that i have avidly watched the both sides of the coin Politian’s for around 35 years,65 per cent of them are truly vile evil people that hate this country, just from my observation in the last two days the democrat party as a whole ,it looks to me like they have declared war on we the people they are trying to pass legislation to literally hunt down the trump supporters at the march, all trump folks weather you were there or not i don’t’ advocate violence but i will not let anyone come after me or family, any way what do you think?

  5. Thanks Mike this was a great video. I showing this to my wife tonight. I watched it first thing this morning and after it ended I switched to sky podcast and watched Dr. Charlie Ward there. I catch Woodman all the time. Keep up the great work.

  6. Micheal you should get Charlie and Simon Parkes on another show,,you guys could do phenomenal show,after our Potus receives his 2nd term,you guys have a huge base of followers

  7. How many movies do you think we will get out of all this? They can put you two to work on them as you have all the answers. You will have to get Mel K who has all the info on the Trump family. She grew up going to the Presbyterian Church with them and worked for Trump when she grew up. Your videos are getting better and better. I have been listening to you about twice as long as I have Charlie. The video with Jack Kidd was the first video of his that I saw. .That was a good starter for me. I caught Trump when he was finishing his last speech before the election when he said that when he won the second term, he was going to do away with income tax. I immediately thought of Gesara. WOW ! It’s was great and gave some proof of Gesara. You may not remember, Leslie Nielson who played The Swamp Fox which was a tv series in 1950. The Swamp Fox, Francis Marion, was my uncle a few generations back. Some of my ancestors fought in the Revolution and even more fought in the Civil War. It is so good to listen to the two of you. Thank you both so much.

  8. I’m glad I watched this video Michael. You are a true warrior of God Almighty. Days might seem dark Patriots. Things are definitely not as they seem. Everyone needs to remember moving forward MSM is enemy of the people. Trust in God. Trust the plan. Use logic. We have come to far to fail. They want us divided. They want us confused. It will not work. Real eyes realize real lies. God wins. Nothing can stop what is coming. We must stand firm in God. We must stand together. We knew this was all gonna happen. Wwg1wga God bless everyone. Thank you @thepatriothour.

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