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7 thoughts on “Ready To Move Forward”
  1. Some months ago the Bible Code read “United States Destroyed”. I freaked out because the Bible Code is NEVER WRONG. Then I read somewhere that President Trump would be the LAST PRESIDENT of The United States and I was really confused. THEN I FOUND OUT THE UNITED STATES WAS MADE A CORPORATION I BELIEVE IN 1887 and today I probably looked like some goofball laughing my head off because now I understand the entire thing including WHY the Bible Code said the USA would be “destroyed”.

  2. I’m ready for a trip to Bristol this summer to shake hands and give hugs. Love The Patriot Hour and my Patriot brothers and sisters of Christ! You all can come to Johnsonburg, Pa. if you want too. I’m a great tour guide.

  3. Michael. I’ve followed you the last 3 1/2 years faithfully. I know I can find honest answers and truth Thankyou so much for this video. I’ve been up and down like a rollercoaster with my moods I cry and then I get happy. I was so fearful for our great country and president trumps safety. I’m so thankful for this info. God bless you tremendously. I also live in Indiana a little further south of you. I stand for America no matter what they say or do I’m a patriot

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