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5 thoughts on “Is The World Ready? [[[Prepare]]]”
  1. NO ADL and jewish oligarhgs are the ones t5hat pressure people you cannot get fund ing or get anywhere unless you swear aligance to Isreal cynthia mcinney and others have explained and told you this the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadl are the ones that5 are calli8ng for block of conservatives you are totally missing who behind the curtain in the shadows calls the shots

  2. Another fascinating video. Thank you for clarifying these confusing current events. . God Bless us all!

  3. Make it happenFebruary 19, 2021 at 12:10 AM
    Greetings Earthly Mortals,

    Anna said “All this has been going on behind the backs of the honest, earnest, innocent people of the Earth, who have been targeted by these Vermin in High Places. Indeed, we didn’t have a clue. But now, we do.”(!!! [sic])

    We may now have a clue of Earthly mortals victimizing other Earthly mortals but The Assembly, The Constitutional Republic, the globalists and rest of humanity are still completely clueless concerning Divine-Lawful-Jurisdiction (Paradise/Heaven/Peace-on-Earth) that will ultimately be reestablish on Earth!!!

    These “Vermin in High Places (globalists)” will get their day in divinity law court after their mortal deaths guaranteed, so do not despair because those “Vermin in High Places (globalists)” will get the ultimate rude awaking when they all personally realize that they are absolutely not exempt (absolutely no divine immunity whatsoever for no Earthly mortals for crimes against our divine Father [Yahweh] and His original-divine-creation and humanity) from “Divine-Lawful-Eternal-Judgement (c)*” (final divine eternal mortal judgement [divine eternal sentence]) after death; this is why I personally laugh so hard at those “Vermin in High Places (globalists)” because they are absolutely fooling themselves due to their own personal illiteracy of divinity judgement laws (so sad and a tragedy, a waste of talent and life)!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

    Sincerely by,

    Divine-Earth-Citizen (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Agent (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace (c)*
    Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-on-Earth (c)*
    Divine-Earth-Director-of-Divine-Lawful-Jurisdiction (c)*

    *Exclusive copyright by the owner of “Make it happen”, February 18, 2021.


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