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24 thoughts on “Taped Confession 1 Of ?”
  1. OMG Michael you really out did yourself with this report! THANK YOU for this. Can’t wait for the showdown and capture of these evil ones!!!

  2. Michael I’m not sure where you get your info but I pray you’re correct!!!!!
    Thank you πŸ‘ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Wwg1wga

    1. He’s been sworn in where the fuck are the arrests? Not looking to good for you! You’re looking like a FUCKING traitor!!!
      Where the fuck are the arrests you piece of shit! Glad I’m not you right now πŸ–• boy oh boy did you fuck up!!! Good luck traitorπŸ–• FUCKING Bitch

    1. Exactly,Were living a nightmare,especially the children,I found out my great- great grandpa escaped from an orphanage in Holland about age 9 or 10,sexual abuse,he had been adopted,this is most likely in the late 1800’s because my great grandpa came here in 30’s before Hitler started his takeover,150years of corruption in our country,thank God for giving DJT to follow thru with his plan,the courage to guide us,even through so much hatred,anger plz give us compassion to heal our nation,Thank you Micheal for your sharing of videos

  3. I don’t know. Kind of hard for me to believe. I pray so. I been praying and begging the Lord. I will be watching. Thank you. God bless.

  4. OMG!!!!! Michael, I do pray that you are right about all of this. I am and have been praying for this. Because America and the great American Patriots have been hurt long enough by these evil people and for once I pray that Justice will finally be served to these evil demonic people. Please, Lord, hear my prayers let what Michael is telling us come true and your will be done and we have our great President Trump in office 4 more years. Please Lord let this come true. In your loving name, I pray amen.

  5. I’m so sad today. I’m trying to understand. I truly thought today was the day justice would be seen around the world…10 days of darkness? Hasn’t there been enough? I’m so concerned for my children just like I was when obama was President!

  6. Well Michael…the kingdom of darkness has arrived. They cheated and I saw that with my own eyes. Main stream media was fake. My daughter and I both witnessed that. I didn’t watch sleepy, creepy Joe get inaugurated because I knew they weren’t going to arrest anyone. I doubted that yesterday. But I did see president Trump off to Florida with his family. So, we have a new fight now. Pray hard πŸ™. God bless.

  7. Michael, I’m like others who don’t know where you get your information but pray that it is true. As an 82 year old grandmother , never in my life time could have invisioned this happening in our country. My prayer is for God to Bri ng about a complete cleansing of America and those that have done this to our country will pay the ultimate price God bless you, stay strong. We will never give up!

  8. I want to know more about this confession! IF this is real it’s THE THING that could tear it W I D E open! I compared clappers voice to the guy in the tape. sounds just alike.

  9. Curious, why doesn’t the confession better hide his image (looks bald) and his voice (assuming there was no altering of the voice)? Any thoughts?

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