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4 thoughts on “Make America Unemployed Again-Biden”
  1. Thank you Patriot Hour Great video yes it does look like a movie set and they told us all not to shake hands or sing but they did both.

  2. Hey Michael, Love your channel, information and resilence to keep us up to date and encouraged.
    Greatly apppreciate your service its a huge blessing on the U.S.A. My father, uncles, friends, and inlaws served also and had reverence, respect with love of our freedom…flag and awesome America. Hold the Line….and forge ahead…it is a huge challenge but i have hope and faith America will prevail. Thank you valiant veterans and milatary….You guys are Americas gold. I dont get in the chat rooms…(slow typer 🙂) but i scarely miss your program.

  3. Thank you for another great video! Its nice to see how all this is playing out for the big picture. Thank God for our military and their loyalty to God, Country and the American People.

  4. Michael does the hard work of sifting through the information
    in a sea of lies that takes many frustrating hours for us so that we have time to spend with our children. They are the future and need to be taught the foundation of God’s
    and Michaels and other anons message. Not the absurd illusion portrayed by Satan and his follwers. Sadly it’s in EVERYTHING FUCKING THING YOU CAN THINK OF. Take things in your own hands depending on noone except God and yourself

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