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3 thoughts on “Don’t Fear Thy Enemies”
  1. I watched Vice’s docu-series on Qanon and they were very snobby interviewers and I believe JT Wilde was in it. They kept saying the phrase ‘false claims of Qanon supporters on pedophilia and Satan worshiping and sacrifice”. It was over the top bias against the Qanon movement. They interviewed Robert David Steel, the former CIA agent and he stopped the interview when they asked him about this guy that claimed to be a Qanon creator. He said his alarm bells were going off. The part that stuck out to me was how they made us look dangerous and we all fell for this fake thing. They were very snobby between each interview and would open their laptops sitting across from each other to see what they had so far. I just had to let you know if you haven’t seen it. It’s on YouTube if you want to check it out.

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