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9 thoughts on “Big Brother Is Watching Your Every Move Still”
  1. I have some understandable concerns about Tech Giants such as Microsoft, and certain others, including concerns about certain Local, Federal, and State Law Enforcement agencies with a history of, having administrator, or any other access to these surveillance systems. In reference to the Tech Giants, perhaps, there are ways to limit the Tech Giants, and others associated with them, who have betrayed our trust, from having access to their own systems. Some of these Tech Giants are people who also had back doors with the CCP, were involved in High Treason, RICO, and in a wide range of other types of crimes.

    As I will outline below, on the general subject of mass surveillance, if these surveillance systems are placed in the hands of good and moral people , I , for one, am very impressed with their sense of duty, loyalty, and honor in their monitoring of what is taking place in this Country. We know about the rampant and abominably egregious crimes against Humanity, and all the other criminal enterprises that have subverted our Nation, and have become a very deeply entrenched blight across our land. This should never, ever, be allowed to ever take place again, and it all needs to be taken down forever.

    Checks and balances must, be in place also on any Law Enforcement who have access to the surveillance apparatus, and, I will just say that I don’t see them as even having earned our trust again . The more you know. Some are good people, but the institutions were riddled with rampant corruption for decades. The better and safer approach to all of this, in my estimation, if you want this to work properly, would be for trusted members of NSA, DIA, and MI, to be working within Law Enforcement Agencies, and that the keys to the kingdom are not just handed over to Law Enforcement in misplaced trust, to interface with the apparatus of the INTEL Community and surveillance information.

    Here is a point I will make here. I state this because it is a point that needs to be made. NSA,DIA,MI, for example, are independent from Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, are not subject to Law Enforcement hiring/firing practices, are not subject to any pension check leveraging threats, or any other leveraging by Law Enforcement Agencies, that might not be so clean. INTEL has their own hiring/firing practices and their own pension programs and clearance review systems. It has been the independence of each institution, one from the other, that would have been preventing some of the leveraging. If we think that pensions were not a Deep State leveraging tool also, they in fact were. Leveraging wasn’t just about bribery and blackmail, it was also about coercive threats of termination. There is a reason that some INTEL Agencies were sharing their information so readily. If they had been, we would have been in an even worse situation, if we can even fathom that.

    If the public could be assured that anyone having access to these systems would be subject to strict monitoring, and that access would be very limited to only the trusted, I believe that this could work masterfully as a solution to ridding our Nation of the evil that walks our streets, and that the Citizen’s of this Nation would come to see how these systems in the right hands, are making our Country safe again. There has been extraordinary feats of courageous, highly skillful, and highly diligent work that has gone into cleaning out the corruption within our Country. We need a way to keep our Country maintaining a moral compass, and never allow it to return back to the evil swamp that it had become.

    So, again, I believe that security clearances, with the backgrounds of anyone working in this system should be extensively and continuously monitored, and that agents of NSA,DIA, MI, for example, could be assigned to be working within Law Enforcement Agencies in this capacity. Agents of these INTEL Agencies, and maybe some others, would be the most reliable interfaces with the more trustworthy and re-vetted Intelligence Communities to which they are associated.

    Not only are advanced surveillance systems necessary in dismantling the outrageous levels of crime in our Country now. They have also been instrumental in taking down very dangerous criminals who have engaged in patterns and practices of serious crimes in the past. If these systems are used lawfully by people of good moral character, they have, in my opinion, a very high potential to truly save the Planet. We have to get this right this time. Just an opinion here on how I think the Light Workers and Warriors could get this right. You have to carefully limit information in order to protect it, and to protect the entire program. Such a program, if administered carefully, can be a treasure trove into solving the enormous problems that we face within our civilization..

  2. Have you ever used Google Maps? Its scary the amount of data that is collected on you. Welcome to the Beast System.

    1. I agree, Galen. Google was, and is, part of the Luciferian Beast System, and it should never have been allowed to make use of these imagery capabilities themselves , nor been able to provide dissemination of Google Map imagery to the general public because of who was accessing the maps, and what type of problems that our Country had going on. I think that Deep State CIA Google, and others like them, need to be shut down, and prosecuted, for their wide range of participation and complicity in crimes against Humanity, and for all their many other crimes. Just as one example, how were the trafficking networks finding the kids that they were kidnapping? This was one way that they, and their affiliates would have easily done so. Their avenue for doing so, was in plain sight. How were the Children’s room webcam’s being accessed? Would CIA Google and their domestic and foreign affiliates, who had the backdoors into computer camera’s, and accessing webcams know something about that? Seems to me that CIA Google, under the Bush, Clinton, and Obama/Biden crime sprees were involved in some very pathological and criminal enterprises. And what about all the pedo pictures, videos, and snuff films that they were ostensibly maintaining on their associated sites and databases? Facebook is another example of a rogue CIA operation under the aforementioned crime syndicates, that the rogue CIA was running . Their database on Google Maps should be fully restricted from their own use and access, and most everyone’s use too. Facebook and Twitter should be seized too for similar and other reasons. MSM Fake news (CIA and CCP) was involved in covering up Epstein Island, and many other crimes against Humanity. Their operations should be seized by the Military, and turned over to some responsible party.

      On the subject of privacy, I think that most decent and respectable people would be willing to forego our rights of privacy, in the pursuit of taking down operations of the satanic occult and the child trafficking, adult human trafficking, the drug trafficking, and the other networks. For now, I think that all surveillance state apparatus, and other misused and unlawful corporate apparatuses, should solely be handed over to trusted INTEL assets, who have proven themselves trustworthy. They will protect the information that needs to be protected. Law abiding alternative news channels can take over the business of the News. The corrupt big businesses have been attacking alternative news channels, and all of us as well, for far too long now. It is time for them to answer for their crimes, and it is time for respectable and lawful businesses to be allowed to operate unencumbered.

      1. Very good Elizabeth I couldn’t have said it better myself. Someday soon their house of cards is going to crash. God won’t take this forever.

  3. Big Brother is watching me. Nothing new.

    However, NOW I’m watching YOU on .tv – and I freakin’ love it. Started this wave of my re-education with you on youboob. I was super skeptical and cynical. But, I’ve studied too much history, philosophy and religion to believe all of the fraud and hoax out there: news, education, entertainment, bread and circuses… Never forgot about your introduction to me of so many of these topics. Lost you for a while… NOW, I’m back.

    But, I can’t figure out how to give you money yet… Are you still setting up pay systems? Is that my trouble?

    Please advise. This money means nothing to me unless well-spent. Hurry. It’s losing value by the second…

    I have lots of very valuable toilet paper, however… and some chickens if you would like to trade…

  4. evidence for lawsuit filed at u.s. courthouse in washington d.c. [civil action 92-0449] john st clair akwei vs. nsa, ft meade, md. usa / how the nsa harasses thousands of law abiding americans daily by the usage of remote neural monitoring [rnm]

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