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5 thoughts on “Calling Out The Fake News Media”
  1. this is satanist agenda all media in us is owned by these people the christian zionists in us have been duped by these people to worship isreal and support its agenda through the worship of the and following of schofield bible steve bannon and lots of right wing people are zionist christians and put isreal before the usa even trump was surrounded by these people isreal pays money to pasters to push their agenda aipac and others should be registered as a foreign moving forwards this can not happen again and the same power structure and agenda takes control again as is already starting when talking of rebuilding the republican party

  2. Besides the awesome amount of Truth that you put out in your Channel if you ever want a side Hustle you could be the Patriot DJ with your videos awesome show buddy love your work you can tell it comes from your heart

  3. We are in a battle that has been decades in coming.We cannot and really should not put our hope in just one man.The election was stolen because the “nature” of the right is to trust in the “system”, so where do we go from here?????

  4. Mike from another CWE Navy Veteran , I got to say bravo Zulu keep up the good work!
    That guy said you should be the ‘Patriot DJ and Scuttlebutt soothsayer’ make that happen cause they’re looking for a Rush replacement!!!

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