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2 thoughts on “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies”
  1. Hey yo howdy Patriots,
    If your new to the site know that you will learn what is actually going on from a perspective of a man that actually cares for this country and humanity in general. You would think that’s a given…. it’s not. The host of the show Michael puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into getting the truth to the public. Seriously, I’ve done the work myself researching through the vast sea of information filled with lies. How do you know truth from lie… intuition practice and experience. If you have a full time job you do not have the time to be good at this. I am not affiliated with thepatriothour but I’ve done my homework and I was doing the research while Neglecting my kids at the same time. Once I noticed this and Icould confirmed that I could trust Michael and thepatriothour I started spending more quality time with my family. My point is I know how important it is to be able to trust your news source. I alsoknow that life is expensive so we need to support anchors like Michael and thepatriothour so they are able to continue doing what our current media has failed to do and give us the news we need. Please support this show do your own research make sure you trust them as much as I do. God bless us all

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