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2 thoughts on “The Discovery Phase Will Be Devastating”
  1. that is absaloute lies it was made in usa by 2 venezualans dominion is owned by gen keane and other ex cia and carylyile g roup employers just because fraud happened does not link venezuala or any one else it is youyr country the problem who believes any really any one in america all liars from lawyers gov etc the us has been arouge state azionist satanist controlled hole for yrs why dosent shew look into 9/11 if she is such aheroic truth seeker she has already been debunked and is still feeding off her lies hugo chavez fought the satanists was a christian and us illegal sanctions and coup attempts are what has ruined venezuala not dominion i hope they sue her ass off

  2. just like 0/11 the us cia etc will not allow the truth out about their role in the rigged election you have heard cia mentioned if anything blame will redirected sydney powell has a venevualan dissident saying things smart matech is not dominion and dissents many could also be classed as traitors look at iraq war libya etc all come from usa have been proven not to be trusted look who is funding s bannon an ardent christiaN ZIONIST THE FUNDERS MAIN AIM IS TO BRING DOWN CHINESE GOV THERE HAS BEEN CONCERTED EFFORT TO BY ZIONISTS EVEN BEFORE COVID TO START ACAMPAIGN OF PROPAGANDA AGINST CHINA CHI COMS OWN HOLLYWOOD ETC JEWS OWN HOLLYWOOD ALEX JONES PRIME AGENT OF THIS

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