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6 thoughts on “Becomes Fact In The Public Mind”
  1. Thank you Michael for all you do!!
    We still have a lot of work to do and, a lot of people to wake up! Ws are Americans and, Where we go 1! We go all!

  2. this is a satanist takeover not communist you will see it 2 late for yrs you accepted a nwo now you blame it all on communism sad for you china is no longer a communist country no capatalism in communism does that sound like china with its billionares you can get married in christian churches in china the jews sran the opium wars in china destroyed the chinses people they pushed britain to invade china so to gain more control and spread opium thougout all china look it up the sassoon family they built oxford uni etc who ran the slave trade built the ships ran cotton who is now calling conservatives terrorists the ADL and they fully control christian zionists biden just did what bush and cheyney and and many zionists wanted destroying peace deal with taliban and staying in afghanistan

  3. 2 days after netanyahou demands biden ring him biden announces staying in afghanistan keep the war on terror going cant have isreal having to stop stealing arab land full control of jerusalem and bringing thwe courts of mankind to jerusalem and the antchrist system forward maderna vaccines are made in isreal and they can now put nanobots smaller than agrain of salt into you

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