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7 thoughts on “Unconventional Relation”
  1. Street.,send me a bill or tell me your monthly charge, and send it to L. Simpson at 827 3rd, Baraboo, WI 53713. I never use my E-Mail, because of google, and you-tube!

  2. Please help me! They’re trafficking high school girls in my town and they’re all in on it. I’m locked in my home and being recorded. My husband’s hairdresser is a madam. Nicest guy until he turns into Satan. He blasphemed God. The only unforgivable sin! I found out about it last night. Final piece to the puzzle 🧩

  3. He’s convinced my entire family I’m crazy. No one believes me! They won’t even offer to help willingly

  4. Sounds to me like you need to get away from your husband ASAP and take action for the children from a safe place!!!! You have to keep yourself safe before you can help others. God Bless you Denise!

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