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4 thoughts on “Nothing Else Matters [Durham]”
  1. Thanks for the great Durham news; here we go…. won’t be long now. We are on the brink of justice for all!!! God bless, many prayers sent to the patriots/white hats, one and all!!!!

  2. You really think the MSM will truthfully report this??? How will this get out with all the censoring going on?

    1. The Patriots Hour will always have my support. I love this show. I have a great deal of respect for the amount of work Michael puts Into this show. Most of all Michael tells the truth after digging through the sea of lies. Yes it’s hard to know what truth is but after you do a certain amount of digging the truth just comes out and slaps ya when you see it much like the lies. If your unwilling to put in the work at least to find out that you can trust Michael and the news he brings.. thats a small price to pay for freedom. Do yourself a favor and let him do your digging like I do. God bless us all

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