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5 thoughts on “When The SHTF [Be Ready]”
  1. Thank you, Michael, for another early warning on the perils that are likely coming our way, resulting from decades of rampant criminality in America, and widespread corruption within Congress, and within nearly every single American Institution and Government Agency. Corruption has long been entrenched throughout Local, State, and Federal Offices, throughout the Judicial System, and nearly everywhere.

    President Trump has done unprecedented levels of very hard work to neutralize so many of these threats to our Nation, but the Treason and subversion from within, was far more extensive than anyone could have ever imagined, and foreign and domestic criminals fraudulently stole our election, to try to keep their Agenda’s of the destruction of America in play. These agenda’s of subjugation and tyranny are not isolated to the United States, for as we know, this is World Wide too.

    President Trump, the loyal parts of the US Military, the Q Alliance, the Galactic Federation, God, and some other loyalists, gave us something extremely important…..they gave us a fighting chance to get through what is coming.

  2. I’m not buying into what we are told of the food shortage, crime, etc!!! Trump won and will be taking back control of our country, effecting the whole world. All in the plan, let us not forget, and it is going according to the plan set out to free the world!!! It is taking longer than planned, (understandably, we the people want action) as new issues keep popping up that must be dealt with before we can see the justice, so long awaited, but it will happen! We will be victorious and it won’t be long now. All in God’s time. Love and prayers to all white hats!!!!

  3. It looks like all the years of Weather Modification and Weather Warfare is taking a toll on this old planet.

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