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4 thoughts on “Techno-Fascist Criminal Cartel”
  1. I was able to watch this video after some type of video streaming anomalies. In my estimation, this is certainly a very salient video that everyone needs to be aware of. It shows the connection between IBM and the Moderna vaccine. IBM identified and counted the numbers of Jews that were exterminated under Hitler’s Nazi Germany reign of terror, and now they are playing a role with Big Pharma Moderna in the Cov-19 vaccine that they are trying to force upon Humanity. They, and their affiliates, plan to force this vaccine upon the population in a way where the people cannot even buy food unless they have a record of vaccination, for this virus that has cures, and only shows a lethality percentage of only around 1-2 percent. This is not a vaccine, but rather an experimental drug, violating the Geneva Convention on War Crimes and experimentation on Humans, containing very alarming mRNA and other components that will alter Human DNA, damage the immune system, and much more. Other researchers in the field are suggesting that the vaccine also contains prion proteins, as found in the untreatable and lethal Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease, AKA “mad cow disease”, found in cows and sheep, where the infected brain becomes spongiform, latticed with marked abnormally folding protein plaques. It should be no surprise now, why they have been referring to us as cattle and sheep. The people involved in this warfare against Humanity, include, but are not limited Moderna, Pfizer, IBM and other CEO’s, the WHO, CDC, Bill Gates, a known eugenicist, and many more. The etchings on the Georgia Guide Stones of the depopulation plan, that is the Luciferian Agenda against Mankind, is in plain sight. You should read what those etchings say. The DS cabal always tell you what they are going to do before they do it. If you don’t stand up in your streets and express your refusal to submit, then they see their warfare against you as acceptable to you. Knowledge is power. They think you have no value, but the truth is, you have amazing value in the World. Your true value as God’s Children, your awareness, your voice, and your numbers, is what threatens them the most. You are strong and empowered with the righteousness and Armor of God, and are vested with great knowledge, and you are not alone. President Trump, who rightfully won the 2020 US Presidential Election, needs to be put back in the White House soon, and we need the US Military to stand up and take action against these Techno-Fascists who are trying to kill off all American’s, and the rest of Humanity too. They are even trying to kill off their leftist puppets who served them. Their leftist proxies and proxies are not of their illuminati bloodlines. Those who serve them are finding that they too are being betrayed.

  2. There is something that we can do about all of this, and that is to make a visit to the Doctor’s office and get a medical order that you keep in your wallet, exempting you from being forced to take the vaccine. These exemptions are based on any number of medical criteria, including, but not limited to, fear and anxiety, any previous swelling or rashes to a vaccine, any allergic reaction, sensitivities to toxins and foreign substances including preservatives used in vaccines, and any number of other exempting medical reasons.

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