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6 thoughts on “The Wokies Are Hell Bent On Canceling Themselves”
  1. Good day to you all, please accept my gratitude for all the work and dedication to your duty as a child of god. It is important for Canada and specifically Ontario to get some serious scrutiny from the good guys. Recent headlines out of Barrie Ontario of mass arrests of terrorists with stashes of grenades and launchers. They are blaming bike gangs….also we are swamped with government
    Commercials essentially telling everyone they must have the vaccine to save their friends and family… the message is shocking… ccp has been practicing war games in northern Ontario for years with Trudeau blessings. Is there somewhere for this information to go to avoid any skulduggery in our nation

  2. Be careful of not crossing the line of division of some sort..Frank from Quebec. I ,Michael, think you don’t want to go there..but it seems a serpent of some sort would like us to go. WWG1WGA in the way we choose. I stand for your thinking, and more ,you don’t know me * as I know you, but we are all brothers and sisters.. for the best to come or through the worse WW. Hope is not enough we know. Action in thinking of this promised better world could be. Pride of your work all, and yours most (im a french guy) but I know something. .when it comes to focus on the Light , try it somewhere in peace and in a lovely place and acheive it in front of your eyes, you”ll notice a different and more lighted view diplaying ..right at the perfect timing. Take care
    Ps I’ve done only three years in the army..but it seems a road we all have encountered to get a better view of this world .

  3. Lmao so true about fire ants. Except its if you come remotely close to their home they (all of them) will come for you and it fkn hurts. Its a matter of seconds and their will be hundreds covering your leg. Just saying dont fk around they are serious, they will unite and fight till the death. God bless

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