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3 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Surges Told By AOC”
  1. Just like Russian President Putin warned, the Globalist NWO Communists, which he indicated globally worshipped Satan, would use identity politics in efforts to take over America, pitting black against white, religions against other religions, and driving any and all other wedges between us.

    Yuri Bezmenov also told us about the stages on how the attempts to takeover any Country, i.e, the US currently, works through what are the strategic processes and machinery of a coup d’ etat, in order to eliminate our People through bloody civil wars, and to steal our resources. They want everything we own, everything. and they will lie, lie again, and then lie and deceive us even more to get what they want.

    They and their Democratic Party and RINO criminal cabal call American’s who they know are Patriots “white supremacists”, all for their Communist depopulation agenda to become catalyzed. They are still desperately trying to utilize their blacks against the whites agendas, to orchestrate division among us, the same as they have always used, when they ironically also stuck Black American’s in the back too many times throughout History. They think they can manipulate the facts now to try to make Black American’s forget what these organizations did to them that were designed to turn us against each other , and which thousands upon thousands of White American’s became staunchly angered and inflamed from these crimes formed through organizations within America. Masses of strongly morally centered White and other American’s fought for and with Black American’s for their Freedoms and their Rights. The so called Anti Defamation League, ADL, that is still in operation, is only one of the many subversive Anti-American organizations calling us “white supremacists”, when we are loyal and Patriotic Christian Constitutionalist Americans.

    Obama, the Clinton’s, Bush’s, George Soro’s, and others were central to creating some of these. Long ago, Anti-Societal Democrat’s created, and were high level members of the KKK, and HRC was one of their cheer leaders against Black American’s. They think Black American’s can be easily manipulated to the Leftist Communist’s dirty deeds against White American’s, and against America itself as a soveereign Nation, but Black American’s are not stupid. Millions became our brethren.

    AOC/ her placeholder here, along with the Democratic and CCP Communist Party members and their affiliates, for whom Democratic Communist hater of Humanity is a puppet, are here to deceive and manipulate the sleeping within America toward their very real objective of the mass deception, and mass extinction of the American People in our entirety. This is exactly what they are trying to do. This is not immigration. This is coordinated infiltration and planned invasion, that is flooding in, and surging in, with their Soros et al. trained paramilitary groups for their planned takeover. They won’t let you see the pictures of their terrorist group foot soldiers and proxies, that they are running because they are manipulating the news through the remaining remnants of the C_A/CFR et al , and their Fake News Operation Mockingbird Media channels, who lied to us since their inception.

    It is no coincidence that they are coordinating their border invasion precisely with their mass gun grab overthrow schemes throughout America by unconstitutional EO’s against the American People, after they themselves were behind recent FF shootings. Their mantra remains, “Nothing to see here, move along”, in their war against America.

    The UN is one of their tools. The border invasion, by design includes terrorists and drug/human trafficking cartels. Border Patrol, DHS, and ICE have identified many already in the Trojan Horse Invasion against America that the cabal has in motion. On the heels of their paramilitary and cartel foot soldier invasions from our Southern border, and from elsewhere, and the simultaneous coordinated gun grab attempts by the Biden cabal, how it works is that next, the UN tries to advance directly with their armies for the final takedown of America. If some think this could not possibly be the case, provided herewith is a red flashing lightbulb from the Epoch Times.

    It seems that ammo sales are surging, not because of so called “white supremacists” who they knowingly and falsely claim are terrorists, who are instead, strong and courageous Patriots, but because of brave Patriots of all races. Gun and ammo sales are surging among all racial groups within America, among the masses who know that they may very well have to protect themselves from Biden election theft administration tyranny that is being waged against every American, without regard to color, or any other differences that don’t even matter to us.

    Here is the flashing red light bulb of UN operations that are afoot. I think we need to remember who we are, that our lives have great value within the Universe, and remember that We, God, and all of our Patriots, regardless of race, religion, and any other differences, will prevail, should the enemies make the unwise choice of advancing upon us.

  2. The TPH makes the greatest videos and it’s a shame we lost exposure from social media. Do the world a favor and share this videos with everyone Michael played a large role in my awakening. When Trumps platform is open we all need to join and start sharing these videos people will be looking for answers and TPH has them. On another note dan scavino and mike Pompeo recognized santa surfing on telegram app… I consider that to be big. There is light at the end of the tunnel white hats are in control. Go back through Q posts and you will see they are playing out today for the second or 3rd time. This is the most amazing time to be alive take advantage of our new found knowledge and seize the day. We are what we decide we are! IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOUVE DONE… IT ONLY MATTERS WHAT YOU DO! Your not just a truck driver or just a contractor believe you are more and by the power of God and effort.. you will be. Btw I’m a contractor who married a chemical engineer…dreams can come true!🤣🤣that’s a joke .. true but it wasn’t a dream. The woman I fell in love with just so happened to be a chemical engineer. Anyhow I love you all sieze the day and stay positive. Buy silver bars if you can or regular coins none of that fancy crap(collectors items). God bless us all!

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