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6 thoughts on “Flashback: The Case You Never Heard Of”
  1. There is definitely wrong doing by cops no matter of race. People can be evil when they are with their peers to make themselves look better than or more over the top than others at work and cops are no different. They made a joke out of another human being’s condition without any regard for his life what so ever. Maybe BLM should take a good look at this tape to show them they are at least half right about cops and treatment of suspects. They are completely wrong about race and burning shit down though.

  2. What these Dallas cops did to this man is revolting, tyrannical, and inexcusable. They killed this man, and did so while they taunted him. The case was not known because he was one of many white victims of police brutality. To add to the problem, the paramedic showed up and engaged in an administration of a drug without even assessing for breath sounds and pulse, and not even having the cop get off of the mans back so that he could do so. If the drug that the paramedic administered or was urged to administer was 5 mg Valium, a sedative, that is probably not what an obtunded, nonresponsive, and nonbreathing patient needed, and the cops already knew that the man was unresponsive and nonbreathing due to their wrongful actions. They also knew that narcan, an opioid reversal agent was not indicated, especially for a man who was breathing before the take down, but was not breathing after the wrongful actions of the police forcing knowingly and willful excessive knee pressure on the man’s back that took place. The Medical examiners report from the autopsy, would have shown any number of injuries that led to this man’s death, including but not limited to, aortic rupture, broken ribs that punctured either or both lungs, spleen, or liver, or pericardial tamponade where the pericardial sac fills with blood, causing so much compression on the heart that the heart pump itself fails to contract because of the compression on the heart of the blood filling sac around it. It looks to me like the man was dead before the paramedic made the drug administration, and the cops knew that. Seems to me that the cops were trying to pass culpability onto the paramedic who should not even be holding a certification because of his negligence too, but the man’s actual internal injuries would have been what told the real story of murder by cops who have no business wearing a badge.. Just another murder that had been covered up for a long time. Hmmm.. I wonder if MSM Fake News liars clubs were helping out their mob friends again on this one too, which would explain why we were kept from knowing about this decedent who was a white man. “All lives matter” – Dr Ben Carson

  3. yes dr carson i saw this somewhere obscure website but it was never bought up all blm protests are you aware that over 250 thousan usa poilice were paid for by isreal to get so called anti terrorism training in isreal this kneeling on neck is used in the occupied territories widespread on palestinian civillians in floyd case the dept said this move is not taught there were also higher up people involved in policing taken to isreal i have seen same thing couple other videos tinvolving white americans this man clearly rang for help the democrats when republicans reached out start of 2020 to bring in a bill for police reform it had 80% WHAR BLM WANTED BUT DEMOCRATS REFUSED THEY WERE GOING TO USE THIS AS ELECTION ISSUE JUST LIKE WEARING MASKS JABS FEAR MONGERING TO GET CONTROL

    1. The deep state and all their puppets are GOING DOWN hallelujah, FINALLY!!!! God Bless all the victims of their evil ways and doings!!!

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