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9 thoughts on “Rescue All Of God’s Children”
  1. Tim Ballard, Founder of Operation Underground, and Jim Caviezel , film producer of The Sound of Freedom movie, that Hollywood and their affiliates, would assuredly never consider producing. These two men are True American Heroes. God smiles on them, and on all of our Warriors who have been, and are, crucial to the enduring work that is being done to rescue innocent Children and Adults from the pits of Hell, that they had been taken to, by very evil entities. Warriors express human tears, especially when they have seen unimaginable pain and suffering, tears like Jim expresses here. Through this upcoming movie, Jim will even further raise the consciousness of the World on what has been taking place, and raise the awareness that there are many people of fine moral character who are involved in these rescues, and who are ensuring that these excruciatingly horrible acts against Humanity never take place again. America’s and the World’s heartfelt gratitude to them, and to all of our Warriors working these very important missions for God and Country.

  2. GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN AND THE ONES helping to save them …..God’s children aren’t for sell. Amen. Prayers thank you !!!!!! Everyone needs to see this.

  3. Just wanted to state that I love your work you are a true patriot. God bless you all. It is truly about the children. We cannot fail them.

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