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5 thoughts on “Friday Notable News Stories To Listen To”
  1. If years go by and nobody is held to account for their crimes it’s over and it’s just the way it is. We are slaves to our government and if you get to close to proving our government broke the law you will eventually get your home searched by the FBI. Nobody in government is ever held to account. Nothing we can do about it. We lost years ago and we can’t beat them. It’s too late so party like it’s 1999 and smoke em if you got em.

  2. Not happening…im slave to no one …only a prisoner to myself .All I know is what was done to me at 11 and three others .PTSD a bit.. when it comes to electric shock and thorazin and quite rooms ..there I cooperated now what ..oh ya I forgot . a bad thing to do to children ..wouldnt you agree?? Comming to schools near you .whoops already there..pharma research quit rooms and councillors …and all parent controlled system through CPS..threat to take children if they don’t comply to above..drugs psychology..all reaearch ..were do you hide something you don’t want known.

    1. Bonnie, I still believe that God himself will make sure that those responsible for crimes against Humanity, will all be held quite accountable for what they all did. I am quite sure that many have already been held accountable for what they did. There have been many taken to GITMO and to other locations for their trials. For anyone else who has anything to disclose, the time to do so is now. It was God, and the Good among us that made this happen, and they are still doing this. This is why all of these abominable crimes are being disclosed, rather than being covered up, so someone has got this, rest assured of that. While I have had other careers too, from one of these careers, as a former crisis counselor, I say to you, Bonnie, thank you for being the brave and strong soul that you are, and for being all that you are. You, and others like you, make the World a better place. You are real, you are kind, and you have morals deriving from a strong moral compass. God smiles down upon you. What if one day we found out that God Consciousness its self, was, and continues to work through the Good People of the Earth Alliance, who have been fighting the Evil that has been walking our Lands? Maybe that was in the cards, so to speak. More is possible than we think. What if much is being disclosed, and all we have to do is to decide what within the information being brought out, seems true and correct, and resonates with us. Perhaps the true information is available, it is just found through a deep search, that only requires our work and our discernment , abilities and tools that we already have, but which the dark ones deceitfully told us that we don’t have. We know now, more than ever, that they were the purveyors of the mass deception that was worked upon us. The truth is, we have Universal Consciousness, truth finding capacities and tools within us. We are the record keepers, and we have the opportunity to ask God for assistance with anything.

  3. On Rudy Giuliani… Very true, after Rudy brought down the Mafia, now the Mafia is trying to bring him down. Any “friendliness” is one of their many masks of deception that they wear while they commit their crimes. The FBI Mafia has long needed to be dismantled for their abysmally dirty corruption that has been thoroughly riddled throughout the entire filthy organized crime operation that calls itself a Federal Agency. They have continuously and viciously targeted conservative constitutionalist law abiding citizens and political enemies for decades, they have run illegal drugs and satanic ritual pedo rings for decades, they have been involved in the training of anti-American terrorists and training camps on our soil, they targeted President Trump and his friends and family, before and after the 2016 Presidential Election because of what the FBI itself, the DOJ, HRC, the C_A, and many others were hiding. The FBI have covered up for, and worked with, quite a few other criminal enterprises like the Democratic Communist Party within, and for Communist and other enemies outside of our Country. They have been, and still are, working for our enemies. They ARE one of the enemy. The wrong people have been wearing badges for a very long time.

  4. And, we should not forget about how the FBI has a long sordid history of targeting and destroying the lives of American Patriots like General Michael Flynn and his family who knew where the bodies were buried, targeting the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower, Nate Cain, and his family, who was exposing the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti pedophile and adrenochrome harvesting operations and more, and the FBI’s FF operations that have left many American’s dead for decades. They have engaged in the unlawful political targeting of literally thousands of law abiding American Citizens. It is no surprise to me, how , even to this day, they are covering for the Obama’s, Biden’s, and for many others. They have also been implicated in Anti-American cyberwarfare activities with their C_A crime pals, and with their crime pals across the pond. It is time to dismantle the FBI, the whole thoroughly rotten operation. This is just the short list of their dirty unconstitutional, depraved, reprehensible, and subversive activities, serving their Communist agendas, and their coup d’ etat color revolution overthrow and paramilitary/cartel activities. They ARE the mob.

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