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3 thoughts on “Gates Of Hell And The Lying Media/Patriots Fest 2021”
  1. are you aware there is no slomons temple ubder the alaqsa mosque isreal has admitted this but the satanist jews continue to attack it and kill palestinians trying to protect it so us biden stands with isreal who do you think calling you terrorists the Anti D league the evangelical christians are full slaves of these jews the icc has got involved isreals war crimes they also killed us sailors on ship liberty they are illegally occupying lebanon and syrian land and palestine on 67 green line has observer status at un same as switzerland had for yrs this could have been argued with trump because he had to give isreal something but i dont believe he would continued isreals occupation now biden is sending me into turmoil with tension with russia and climate change garbage and stirring up this supporting isreal and its occupation of east jerusalem bush cheyney brennonare behind biden they dont want 9/11 reinvestigated including top zionists are you aware frank lowry a person involved in bombing king david hotel was part owner of trade center buildings

  2. bill and melinda gates would not allow their children to be vacinated according to their doctor more you know whos

  3. Bill and Melinda Gates need to be executed for their crimes against humanity! He also is involved with building his own nuclear power plant I just recently read, that should NEVER BE ALLOWED! THEY ARE BOTH EVIL!!!

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