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3 thoughts on “Audit They Tried To Delete It”
  1. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”- from Sir Walter Scot’s poem Marmion. Not a quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Nonetheless, the wording can be seen to apply to what we see within the Deep State Dark Cult. The wording “…when we practice to deceive”, highlights the expansive webs of the many spiders by way of their actions, by their literally widespread plethora of sinister deeds, by their activities that took many forms and shapes, all through the choices they made while serving Evil. There were very real victims of the Dark Cult’s many versions of atrocities involving real pain and real suffering, and there were very real victims of their most abominable crimes imaginable against Humanity. They stole our elections throughout the America, and throughout the World for decades to accomplish their Evil agendas, and we see yet more examples of their desperate panic driven cover-up operations. In their unending arrogance, the Dark Cult never considered the meaning behind the words, ” We Have it All”.

    In the end, God Wins. God wins with the many Warriors among Him who organized, developed a Plan to Save the World, and who directly asked for God’s help. Many others joined with them in the Plan to Save The World. We knew that something was very very wrong in the World.

  2. about india death rate indians are coverung themselves in cow dung and cow urine to protect themselves from covid they believe cow is sacred many gods in india they also have a fungi almost exclusive to india in humid it releases spores that you breathe in and attacks your sinuses then moves to other parts of the body if you are sick with flue etc it easily attacks your body with a 50% death rate this has been reported in australian media we have large indian population in Aust

  3. You’ll have to audit! Whoever you want! India saved 150 and I saved 50 that helped me! In Winnemucca! I want my husband out of my house! 7 days to do it! Thanks Michael! That means whoever? They know who they are! They’ll die of Covid by May 1, 2022 otherwise!

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