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2 thoughts on “There Was A Time In This Country When”
  1. I was born in 62 I remember tell about the fourth or fifth grade grade we would stand up every morning and recite the Pledge of Allegiance everyday a new person wood recite it everybody knew it in that room then we would sing Star Spangled Banner America the Beautiful one of the songs that paid tribute to this country somebody in the room would pick the song and everybody would sing

    1. I remember that time also, Greg. It was the time when America, and the World, seemed to have a sense of ethics, a centered moral compass, a sense of freedom, jobs, pride, culture, inventiveness, and dreams. It was because our Nation put God, Family, Country, and Humanity, in a special place within our hearts and souls.

      Then, the slow and insidious domestic and foreign infiltration began without our awareness, initially very slowly, and very clandestinely. The infiltration, had in fact, been in play for centuries, only the infiltrator’s were writing the history books, and other cogs in the wheel were the mass media known as Operation Mockingbird, among others. It was all very clandestine. Now, we find that we did not win the overseas war against the Nazi’s, as in truth, WWII was brought here to America through Operation Paperclip. Fast forward to now, and we find that over 80% of our Government was corrupt to the core, as if they had become the mob.

      We are not yet out of the storm, but I truly believe that within the storm, are unstoppably Brave Men, and unstoppably Brave Women, who are in the process of turning this all around, and that Divine Forces are helping Humanity do this. Failure is not an option, in this battle between Good versus Evil. There again will be “a day when” America returns to its roots, and to its true Divine Consciousness , that God, the One and All Creator, designed us to be of. God expects us to do the work, but He will help us.

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