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4 thoughts on “2024 What’s The Plan?”
  1. It is hardly worth looking for anything anymore here, since nothing is ever even showing up anymore. This is not even worth checking on anymore…quothe the raven never more. Thanks,Mike, for past work. I still know you are a Patriot, just the whole so called Patriot alliance system is F’d up, and no one is doing anything about it, because they are F’d up too, and don’t even know how to run any kind of psyop that results in Patriots winning this fight. Incompetence abounds.

    1. According to some new INTEL, including, but not limited to, information from the very large following on Frog News Channel on YT from yesterday, 09JUNE2021, looks like it is soon approaching Go Time, as some really big moves seem to be underway by President Trump, the US Military, and by all of the Alliance Teams to overturn what has been an enemy takeover of America..

      Their Plan To Save the World has been so laden with necessary disinformation to leave the enemies in a state of confusion, that combined with the propaganda deception machines of Fake News MSM that lied about everything all the time for self serving reasons of cover-ups of their crimes, that many never really knew if what was being done was going to be powerful enough to get us out of such a treacherous disaster caused by criminal elites who had been stealing our elections for decades. No wonder many of us have become so incensed by our entire World being shrouded in deception after deception for so long, and irritated with all the other subversion that has taken place too. It is not that any of us ever doubted the loyalty of those who we know are really working to save our Country and the World. The problem has been that we have been left wondering what other flying monkeys were going to come at us, from which direction, in this round of the Wizard of Oz movie, if there were not more than enough already. I think that soon now, the Tigers will pounce, and a turn around could be on the Horizon.

      So, even though it looks like we will still have some rough patches in roads, I think that those who have been central to saving our planet, are now at the pinnacle of making some very strategic, swift, decisive, and important moves, moves that will give us the best chance of getting America back, helping the rest of the World too, and freeing us all from decades of tyranny and oppression. This is just an update to my earlier June 06, 2021 post here. Updates matter.

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