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8 thoughts on “Power Will Return To We The People”
      1. I’ve always wondered what exactly what he meant by he was apart of the club just as much as anyone else? Change of heart or was it a set up from go? I’ve missed my patriot hour I’ve been on my search for God’s plan for me. I think I may be called to help the children. It’s hard bc it is so heartbreaking. I love you all and I hope to catch you next Sunday. Note I have not forgotten where my money goes. God bless us all

  1. “If that bastard (referring to Trump) gets in, we’ll all hang by the nooses”- Hillary Rodham Clinton, and, “When the people find out what we’ve done, they will hang us in the streets”- George H. W. Bush. This battle in NOT about Republican versus Democrat, Black versus White, or any other differences, which have always been manufactured strategies of division that the criminal establishment put in place to try to divide and conquer us. Throughout History, they always tried to turn us against each other, so that we would not look at the true source of the problem, that was them all along.

    All of this is true. We are at the crossroads of History. The Dark Cult Cabal will never surrender, nor abdicate their long entrenched Satanic power and designs that they have had over us for Centuries. They see us quite literally as their prey. They always have. These Dark Cult Satanists signed secret agreements with malevolent offworld non terrestrials long ago, i.e. the Greys and Reptilians, in exchange for power, money, and influence, decades ago. The Secret Societies of the Dark Cult Cabal then positioned their Evil in the highest echelons of power throughout the World, to act against the People of Earth.

    We are in the battle of all battles… the battle to save Planet Earth. This War is far larger than most know, it is between Good versus Evil. Warriors have been fighting, and some have lost their lives in defending our Planet , while defending our way of life, and our safety. Some of these Warriors have been from benevolent offworld races, i.e., the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Andromedan Council, and the Council of Five. When the Earth Alliance, led by President Trump, President Putin, Prime Minister Modi, and Xi Jin Ping, asked for the assistance of these benevolent non terrestrial races, they came to assist us, as equal Warriors. Many have been in the fight. The time is now for the unawakened to wake up, and to join forces on the digital battlefield of information flow. As Tesla said, the World is about energy, frequency, and vibration.

    When one asks what can one do to help in this battle to save our Country’s and Planet Earth, the benevolent non terrestrial races who are fighting alongside our US Navy and other Military Teams and their affiliates, will reply that you have one job, if you choose to accept your calling, and that is to raise your vibration. Dr. Michael Salla on exopolitics dot org will also tell you much about what is taking place, much like Michael at the Patriot Hour is showing you here. Dr Salla’s amazing guests, like Elena Danaan, will tell you how to raise your vibration, and how to shield yourselves from negative offworld energies that are real, but can be readily addressed.

    So much has been concealed by negative entities like the negative Greys and Reptilians, working with the cabal, that most people would not even know, as much as they otherwise would have known. The concealment was so that we would not know of their crimes against Humanity.

    In addition to helping the cause by raising ones vibration that will play an important part in raising Earth’s Collective Consciousness toward Love and Light to dismantle negative energy based entities, there are Earth changes taking place right now, that constitute another very important reason to raise our vibrations, so that our frequencies can work with the Earths higher frequencies that are coming. We can do this, and we will need to do this for important reasons.

    We are the one’s that we have been waiting for. The Temple of God is within us, and we are capable of far greater endeavors than ever imagined. This is what our oppressors, the Dark Cult cabal, fears us knowing. It is too late now for the cabal, for we already know, thanks to the unprecedented courage of our many Warriors, who include our Truthers who continue burning the late night oil in their lanterns of unwavering loyalty to God, Country, and Humanity.

    1. In addition to Elena Danaan and her extraordinary work, I just wanted to add that I really like Jim Gilliland too at ECETI Stargate on YT. He has a wonderful meditation that helps raise one’s frequency. This meditation is on a video entitled Cazekiel’s Wheel. We also have Lorie Ladd. Lorie is one of the finest as well. There are others, in addition. These fine people are just a few of my favorites, who I find to be top of the line.

    2. True story. If only it was mainstream. Seems things aren’t real for so much of the population unless it’s on that devil box on the mantel. If you take crap in you give crap out facts. Turn those tvs off let these kids experience life

  2. Michael, Wow!! Your work and videos are always amazing and this one is my MOST FAVORITE. Thank you for your Patriotism and outstanding work for all of us and the United States of America. WWG1WGA!! God bless you.

    1. I so agree with you, Patti. Mike at the Patriot Hour is unleashing the most amazing work. The graphics, the information content within the video, and the very well done musical works, make this video one of the finest bombshells of truth anywhere. We will win this Battle between Good versus Evil. We have President Trump leading this Biblical charge against the enemies of Mankind, we have unstoppably courageous teams of Freedom Fighters, and we have God helping us.

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